Londoners love a loft conversion. 4 out of 10 London homeowners have increased the living space in their properties with an attic expansion. London’s high property prices are encouraging more and more London householders to move upwards instead of moving house.

In many parts of London a third of homes have expanded upwards. 31% of homes in Chelsea have an attic extension. Thousands of London families are benefiting from extra space gained through a roof refurbishment.

London Lofts have been extending homes for 25 years. Our clients choose to invest in their greatest asset. This means they avoid the upheaval, stress and expense of moving house.

Why move up not out?

An attic extension adds 20% to the value of a London home

30% of space in a London home is the unused area under the roof

Moving expenses in London mount up to around £10,000

London Property prices prevent many people from climbing the capital’s property ladder

What an attic extension gives you:

  • Extra space in the home you love
  • A more comfortable home and improved standard of living
  • A property that is more attractive to buyers
  • An opportunity to increase your monthly income


How you can benefit from an attic extension:

  • Ensuite bedroom
  • Additional bathroom
  • Living room
  • Guest bedroom
  • Office
  • Nursery
  • Playroom
  • Bedsit or studio flat

Need planning permission?

Planning permission is no longer necessary for many roof refurbishments. If you do need planning permission we will quickly obtain this. We take care of party wall agreements and secure building regulations approval.

Preserving London’s skyline

We are committed to preserving London’s architectural character. We don’t blot the landscape with extensions that are an eyesore. We have the experience and expertise to create extra space and an aesthetically pleasing structure. We focus on enhancing London’s quintessential character.


Why choose London Lofts.

We have been transforming London’s dark, dingy lofts into practical living rooms for 25 years. We have refurbished every type of London roof. Thousands of families all over London are enjoying extra living space created by London Lofts.

We are your friendly attic expansion experts. We tailor your roof extension to meet your needs. We create your dream room by taking the time to discover your aspirations and getting to know your family.

London Lofts are committed to giving you the best value for money. We employ qualified tradesmen and committed experts. We use the best materials which means that you get excellent quality.

We don’t shout our achievements from the rooftops. Our satisfied customers sing our praises. We encourage you to ask our customers for references to our work.

  • Local business
  • 25 years experience
  • Qualified tradesmen
  • All-in-one shop
  • High-quality materials
  • Greatest value for money
  • 10-year guarantee

London Lofts empower you to move upwards instead of out. We use our heads to utilize the space above your head. You gain bright, versatile living space. Your property goes up in value.

London Lofts offer a no-obligation consultation and quote.